Dataton is a top global media-tech solution provider and owner of Watchout, the leading multi-display and mapping system renowned all over the world for its high quality performance. It also owns Watchnet, which is a software that enables the operation of Watchout. Dataton is a research driven company based in Linkoping, Sweden where it has its R&D facilities. In its 45 year history, Dataton has grown to become a global organization with presence all over the world, for which, it also developed a huge partner network. The products of Dataton can be found in commercial and cultural establishments all over the world.

Seamless multi-dimensional display capabilities

Innovative Infratech Solutions is now a partner of Dataton, which gives it access to the globally renowned state-of-the-art multi-display and mapping system of Watchout along with the scheduling, control and maintenance software of Watchnet that operationalizes Watchout.

Key operational features

  • Wide range of applications like live events, 3D mapping, broadcast, billboards, museums, show rooms and many more.
  • Over four and a half decades of experience in developing products that improve capabilities to deliver immersive viewing experiences.
  • Easy-to-use scheduling, control and maintenance software for operations across devices like smartphones, tablets and computers.