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Innovative Infratech Solutions Pvt Ltd (IISPL) was established in August 2006 as a supplier of Electronics Products. We have grown to become a reputed Manufacturer of Healthcare Electronics, LED Display Solutions and Data Storage Products for OEM buyers as well as in our own Brands. Our strength lies in offering quality products at competitive prices in each of our product categories. Our core business interests are in :

  • Digital Signage Solutions
  • Healthcare Segments
  • Data Storage Products
  • Fintech

IISPL offers smart and sustainable technological solutions that are easily applicable and adaptable across industries. In order to improve quality standards along with productivity, we welcome fresh ideas into our organization for growth of innovation. We adopt an integral approach toward solutions and use the simplest knowledge-sharing methodologies to nurture an environment of growth. This allows us to gain customer confidence, increase market share and boost revenues for our stakeholders.

Our Manufacturing strength and quality orientation coupled with India connect and be handy for our OEM partners to utilize our Electronics Manufacturing services into India and market their products into India as well as in respective countries in one go. IISPL can be a one stop partner to source wide range of products and even sell into India through strategic tie-ups.

We are creating high-quality, interrelated ventures, products and services across the world and expanding through tactical investments in both local as well as global markets, which is helping us to evolve steadily. We believe in equal opportunities for all employees and hire on merit to sustain a work culture of performance, teamwork and mutual respect.

Our Solutions

Our Vision

  • Innovative Infratech Solutions Pvt Ltd (IISPL) is a group of distribution companies having core business interests in the fintech, digital signage technology and healthcare segments.
  • We aspire to create smart and sustainable solutions that will enable easier adoption of sophisticated technology by all sections of society.
  • We want to sustain our focus in developing innovative and unmatched products of the best quality backed by exceptional services.
  • We aim to be a smart and sustainable partner in nation-building through meaningful contributions in the government’s Make in India and Digital India initiatives.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to focus on the creation of a smart and sustainable ecosystem for new and innovative product development through deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our groups.
  • We will back it with very effective sales and service infrastructure to become a leader in the respective segments within five years.
  • Our goal is to emerge as a true Indian multinational company that is committed to smart and sustainable development.
  • We will achieve our goals of smart and sustainable technologies globally by continuously driving innovation.

Core Values And Principles

As a team of entrepreneurs, developers, thought leaders and professionals pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, we are committed to deliver the smartest and the most sustainable industry practices.

Thought Leaders

Why Choose Us

We're one of the pioneer to provide end-to-end Fintech and Digital Signage solutions world-wide. We have built up the complete supply chain domestically and are now providing world class solutions to Indian customers.

We have successfully reduced import dependency in providing digital signage solutions and helped Indian customers save substantially.

We have developed an advanced digital signage solution by the name of ‘Donkey Player’ which is compatible with most digital signage systems.

Our in-house research laboratory for the development of Fintech solutions, Limitless Mobility, is a hub of technological innovation where solutions of tomorrow are brought to life.

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