The Pain Points of Traditional Temperature Measurements for Preventing Infectious Virus

Waste Time & Energy

Waste Time & Energy

In stations, airports, docks and other places with large traffic flow, a large number of passengers wait in queue

Contact Temperature Measurement

Easy to cause cross infection
Cause psychological burden to the detected personnel

Not for Long-term Use

There is no mechanism to measure body temperature in public places during the nonepidemic period and the early outbreak period,Easy to cause a large area of virus infection

No Formed Data Accumulation

Generally, temperature information has not formed as data, so it is difficult to analyze and evaluate the health and epidemic prevention, and difficult to improve the epidemic prevention and control.

Thermal Camera Thermometer Technology


Accurate face tracking Present results in real time

Face recognition algorithm is used to accurately locate the temperature to the target

Bi-spectrum, dual channel All-weather real-time monitoring

Visible light can capture human face and thermal imaging can monitor body temperature

Multi-objective fast non-contact temperature measurement

Complete 16 target temperature measurements within 30 milliseconds at a distance of 3-5 meters

Temperature accuracy ≤0.3°C

Modified ≤0.3°C (emissivity, distance, ambient temperature, etc.)

Advantages Compared to Traditional System

Key Features

Thermal Camera Body Temperature Measurement System

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Medium & Large Scale Applications

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