KYSTAR Technology Co., Ltd. is a globally renowned enterprise specializing in research and development of a wide spectrum of video and image hardware and software products. The original Kommander media service system along with LED video processing equipment enjoying a large market share, is owned by KYSTAR. The company also owns a world-class LED video colour rendition technology and arbitrary frequency doubling technology. It has R & D centres in Beijing and Changsha and its core R & D team has decades of research and development experience in video image processing and electronic design. KYSTAR has several international authoritative certifications and product invention patents.

Best-in-class splicing processing

Innovative Infratech Solutions has partnered KYSTAR for access to the best-in-class video colour rendition technology as well as splicing processing technology that are backed by deep research by highly qualified professionals.

The solutions provided by KYSTER –

  • Best-in-class LED splicing processor for high performance multi-picture mosaic processor specially designed for LED displays
  • Control systems for super fine colour rendition enabled by unique colour rendition technology
  • Multimedia server for high-definition video decoding and convenient scene management along with human-computer interaction